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TRIO SSS offers one-on-one and/or group tutoring each semester.

To be eligible to receive tutoring services students must be enrolled in TRIO SSS.

TRIO SSS 1:1 tutoring is free of charge and is available for various lower-level and certain upper-division undergraduate courses.

Tutoring sessions are facilitated by a trained and experienced peer tutor. Sessions are scheduled at the mutual convenience of both the student(s) and the tutor.  

Clicking the link below will direct you to our Starfish student support system. Sign in with your Campus Computer Account information (same as you use for Outlook and BearPAWS), then click the “Raise Hand” button.  Under the Type of Help Needed section, select “I Need a Tutor”.

Request a Tutor

Once your request is received, we will work to find you a 1:1 tutor. Please note there is no guarantee that we will be able to connect you with a 1:1 tutor. As such, we encourage you to check out our TRIO SSS Walk-In Tutoring schedule of classes to see if there is a tutor available for the subject being requested. We also encourage you to ask questions in class and seek out assistance from your faculty during office hours. We typically notify students within 3-5 days regarding the status of their request. 

Keep in mind the other tutoring resources across campus: Math Lab and the Writers' Block. 

Please use Handshake to fill out an application to become a tutor. On the form indicate that you would like to tutor for TRIO Student Support Services.



  • Must have at least a 3.3 in the course you would like to tutor
  • Must have a minimum of a 3.0 GPA
  • Good judicial and academic standing
  • Professor recommendation
  • A desire to help others


  • Students gain valuable interpersonal skills, work around their class schedules, improve their resumes and meet new people
  • Work closely with course faculty
  • Are models and mentors for fellow students
  • Gain teaching experience
  • Gain references for future employment opportunities

Tutoring can be a great resource to help you succeed in your courses. Tutor requests are fulfilled subject to tutor availability. In order for all students to get the most out of the experience, students are expected to:

  • Check your Potsdam email regularly. The tutoring process will contact you through this process with any/all information regarding your tutor request, and when a tutor connection has occurred.   
    • Your tutor will then contact you at your email to begin the process of getting a date/time and location established for either 1:1 tutoring or Group Tutoring.   
  • Attend sessions fully prepared and ready to participate.    
  • If you need to cancel a session, you must notify the tutor, in an email, that you are unable to attend. This must be done at least 2 hours prior to the session. 
    • If you miss two tutoring sessions, without proper notification to the tutor through email, you will no longer receive tutoring for the remainder of the semester.
  • Contact Leah Heglas (Sisson Hall 120) if you have any problems, questions, or concerns about your tutor.

Additional Information:

Tutoring is unable to provide tutors in the following areas:

  • technique courses such as: Art, Dance, Drama, Music and Theatre;
  • senior seminar courses in any department;
  • cross registration and/or on-line courses offered by another institution.
  • comp classes 100-500 level.