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Available to all students

Group Tutoring

Group tutoring is available for various lower-level and certain upper-division undergraduate courses. Group tutoring consists of small study groups (typically 2-8 students) facilitated by a trained and experienced peer tutor. Sessions are scheduled at the mutual convenience of both the students and the tutor for as many as 3 hours per week. Group tutoring is provided free of charge and is one of the best resources available to help you succeed in your courses. Learn More Here

Writers' Block (1 on 1 Tutoring)

The Writers' Block offers free personal assistance on writing at any point in your writing process on an assignment, scholarship application, etc. Learn More Here

STAR-NY - Online Tutoring

The goal of STAR-NY tutoring is to help students learn how to learn, not teach them what to learn. Learn More Here

Program Specific (1 on 1 Tutoring)

The Academic Advising & Support Office provides free services to any student requesting assistance with academics.

(315) 267-2795