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Tutoring Resources for all Students

    Group Tutoring

    Group tutoring is available for various lower-level and certain upper-division undergraduate courses. Group tutoring consists of small study groups (typically 3-8 students) facilitated by a trained and experienced peer tutor. Sessions are scheduled at the mutual convenience of both the students and the tutor for as many as 3 hours per week. Group tutoring is provided free of charge and is one of the best resources available to help you succeed in your courses.

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    Writers' Block (1 on 1 Tutoring)

    The Writers' Block offers free personal assistance on writing at any point in your writing process on an assignment, scholarship application, etc.

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    Math Lab (Walk-In Tutoring)

    Online Fall 2020

    To access the Math Lab Team, you will need its code. The code is: z7ujwkt

    To use the code, use the Teams app or go to You may have to sign in using your school account. Select "All Teams". Select "Join or Create Team." Then enter the code. It should take you to the Math Lab Team. Once at the Math Lab Team, choose the channel “Meet Tutor” and click where indicated.

    Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
    3 p.m. MJ Weirich Sean Sievers MJ Weirich Cierra Scott John Holmlund
    4 p.m. Quinn Stevenson Sean Sievers Quinn Stevenson Cierra Scott John Holmlund
    5 p.m. Richard Sharpe Evan Knowles Evan Knowles Evan Knowles Richard Sharpe
    6 p.m. Tyler Deskins Anton Wilkins Evan Knowles Anton Wilkins Richard Sharpe
    7 p.m. Tyler Deskins Anton Wilkins John Holmlund Anton Wilkins

    Help is available for: Math 100, Math 101, Math 102, Math 110, Math 125, Math 141, Math 142, Math 151, Math 152, and Math 253


    1. We are here to help you succeed in your LOWER DIVISION math class(es).
    2. In order to help you in your quest to learn mathematics, please do not ask us to do your homework problems and/or test/exam corrections.
    3. We will be happy to help you understand and/or solve similar problems. At times, it may be necessary for us to refer to your textbook. This helps to refresh our memories (remember we are also students) and it enables us to show you how to find necessary information in your book. This is a crucial skill for success in mathematics!
    4. Please realize that the math lab is open for all SUNY Potsdam students on a walk-in basis, thus it may or may not be full when you arrive for help. In light of this, plan accordingly and please do not wait until the last possible minute to get help.
    5. If you have any suggestions/concerns please contact Dr. Personby email at

    Program Specific (1 on 1 Tutoring)