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Volunteering at Potsdam

Alumni volunteers are integral to successful programming and community-bonding for SUNY Potsdam alumni and students. We are always looking for alumni and friends who are willing to give their time to help strengthen the SUNY Potsdam Family, either locally or from a distance. To get involved as an alumni volunteer, complete our Alumni & Friends Connection Form!

Regional Volunteers

Want to connect with SUNY Potsdam alumni in your city, state or region? Become a regional volunteer!

“Connecting with Potsdam alumni in Boston has been such a great experience for me over the last eight years. Hearing everyone share stories of their memories in Potsdam makes it feel like we're back on campus again sharing a Sergi's pizza roll!”

Matt Cotty ’09 Alumni Board Vice-President and Regional Volunteer

Regional volunteers like Matt Cotty ’09 help organize local gatherings for alumni in their area—like a happy hour in downtown Boston or a luncheon in sunny Florida. Contact to learn what events are happening in your area or how you can initiate a regional alumni gathering.

Local Volunteers

Still live close to SUNY Potsdam? Give back to your alma mater as a local volunteer!

“My experiences at Potsdam, without question, have made me who I am today both professionally and personally. For that reason, I am extremely grateful to the College. I figure the best way to ‘repay’ Potsdam for this is through donations and volunteering my time.”

Phil Shatraw ’79 Alumni Board Trustee and Local Volunteer

Local volunteers like Phil Shatraw ’79 guarantee the success of events and programs offered to fellow alumni and current students throughout the year—such as during Reunion or at the campus’s food pantry!

Student Mentors

Want to directly invest in the success and careers of SUNY Potsdam students? Become a mentor.

“The best part is simply hearing about students’ Potsdam experiences, and of course their plans for the future. It’s amazing how many students are balancing multiple majors/minors, internships, activities and/or sports—just taking advantage of everything Potsdam has to offer. Their energy and passion is infectious.”

Chris Haile ’74 Foundation Board Treasurer and Women, Gender and Leadership Mentor

Alumni mentorships take many different forms! Whether joining the Women, Gender and Leadership Program, leading an alumni panel on campus or serving as an internship supervisor, your guidance can help our students confidently navigate their college experience and career planning.

Volunteer Boards

Want to stay actively involved in the decisions and forward-motion of the campus or certain areas of affinity? Consider joining a volunteer board.

“My favorite part about being a trustee is connecting with students. When I’m on campus, it just takes me back to when I was a student myself. I realize I am a black woman, and the fact that I can give or inspire people to know that they too can do it is important to me.”

Abebisi Oje ’12 Foundation Board Trustee

Our trustees play a profound role in the SUNY Potsdam Family through their advocacy, engagement and investment. Learn more about the following volunteer boards:

Contact Information

For more information about volunteering, contact the Office of Alumni Relations at