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Annual Fund for Potsdam

Why Is the Annual Fund So Important? Your Gifts Truly Enable the College and Our Students

Your gift to a major area of Potsdam enables the College to offer substantive and rewarding experiences to our students. You can provide the College needed flexibility to meet immediate needs and create extraordinary opportunities. can help fund a career-discovering research experience. You can make possible scholarships that attract hard-working, deserving students. You can give a student hands-on experience on state-of-the-art equipment.

You can provide peak experiences and be the answer to long-awaited dreams!, you can decide. Please make your meaningful gift. SUNY Potsdam's students thank you.

Student Gift

The Annual Student Gift

The Emerging Leaders, a student group focused on leadership and service, adopted The Annual Fund for Potsdam as their permanent philanthropy, and encourage all students to give back to the annual Student Gift while they are here, as well as remain donors after they become alumni. Your gift helps the College move forward with strength and vitality.

Crane School of Music

The Crane School of Music

Crane continues its strong "tradition of innovation." Your gift supports future music teachers, business people and performing musicians, and those who strive to be more than one of the above! You can be the difference in allowing someone to pursue that dream.

School of Arts & Sciences

The School of Arts & Sciences

The largest School at SUNY Potsdam, Arts & Sciences is also the newest (born in 1971). Home to well-reputed, storied and blossoming departments, the School offers today's students tremendous academic and supplementary out-of-classroom experiences. You can be a part of shaping an A&S student's opportunities here, thus being a guiding light to his or her future path!

School of Education & Professional Studies

The School of Education & Professional Studies

SUNY Potsdam's very roots began in this school, which blossomed from a "seed" called the St. Lawrence Academy, established in 1816. Rooted in a rich history, the School prepares today's students with innovative methods and meaningful practical experiences. Your gift can make you a part of this living history, preparing students to achieve their goals and influence young lives!



The College Libraries are the heart of the College, figuratively and literally. Incredibly knowledgeable and helpful staff, seemingly endless resources, a warm place to study with friends, a refuge and a respite during demanding times. Your gift helps the Libraries remain top-notch and offering innovative services.

Student Affairs

Student Affairs

Students' best memories often come from the activities that Student Affairs staff provide. Leadership training, seminars, workshops, visiting entertainers, late-night programming, festivals and carnivals! Everything to support a student's wants and needs. A healthy life balance and a high quality of life. Your gift supports all that makes today's students feel at home and love being here at Potsdam.



Athletics provide a truly effective means for students to become centered, invested and more likely to persevere as students. Your gift can support student-athletes by providing them with meaningful experiences on and off the field or court or ice -- that is, in ever-improving state-of-the-art facilities -- and helping them succeed now, building toward admirable futures.

Please make a gift to the College and our students today! SUNY Potsdam's students thank you.

Many employers match gifts to higher education. Check to see whether your employer will double or triple your gift!