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Yep! We do that.

Ultimately, we want you to know that the CCI is here to support you. We are here to help. Please reach out to us when you need assistance and we’ll do our best to provide the support you need.  If you need to schedule an appointment with CCI Staff or have questions about a service we provide, contact us at


To have a single point of contact, all items available through the CCI Loan Program will be accessible  through the new CTS IT Service Desk.  CCI Loan items are primarily for the use of teaching faculty, but they may also be used by campus staff.  Please email to make a request.  With the high demand for this equipment, the service is specifically intended for short-term loans.  Please make your request early to allow the IT Service Desk to better meet all requests.

Popular Equipment

Recording Equipment

Other Equipment

We can help you through every step of your media project.  Whether you need help with lecture videos, screen capture videos, slide presentations, posters, or infographics, we’ve got you covered.  Using software like Teams, Stream, PowerPoint, Photoshop, Audacity, and Clipchamp, the CCI staff can guide you through the design, gather, capture, edit, and share process.

Record in M365

Our Microsoft M365 environment offers many great tools to create and share videos.  Whether you need to screen record, only use your webcam, or both, you can easily use Teams, Stream, or PowerPoint to create your videos.  Then, you can upload them to OneDrive, Stream, or even to Teams to share.  Visit the Record and Share using M365 Tools website for a complete web-tutorial guide.

Editing Service

If you have recorded a video and need assistance with editing the video or audio, schedule a meeting with the Media Design Consultant. In addition to basic editing help, the Media Design Consultant can help you design or redesign your video content and introduce you to various techniques to keep your videos focused and your students engaged.

Video Training

If you are looking to learn a software program like Clipchamp, Camtasia, or some other video or audio editing tool, check out the Tech Tools webpage to start.  Once you’ve exhausted those resources, please contact the CCI if you still have questions.  The Media Design Consultant is happy to meet with you.

Potsdam faculty may submit their research posters to the CCI for FREE printing.  The faculty member must be the primary researcher and must present the poster at a conference.  While the printing cost will be covered by the CCI, please carefully consider your poster size.  There is a significant increase in cost for posters larger than 24x36 inches.  Posters larger than 36x44 inches may NOT be printed using this service.

  • Cost $28 (poster up to 24x36 inches)  
  • Cost $61 (poster up to 36x44 inches)

For student research posters, contact the Center for Applied Learning.  For all other poster printing, including student class projects and assignments, please contact Central Printing directly.


  • Only Faculty may submit posters to the CCI for printing.
  • Set poster size BEFORE creating the poster (max. size 36x44 inches.  Watch Setting Poster Size – PowerPoint – 05:13).
  • Proof poster before submitting (CCI will not print a subsequent error-emended poster).
  • Submit poster as a PDF.
  • Request printing 4-7 business days in advance.

To submit a poster (Faculty ONLY):

Please direct any questions regarding the CCI Poster Printing service to   Posters are printed through Central Printing, but the CCI will contact faculty when posters are ready to be picked up at the CCI. This service has limited-source funding that is provided by the Provost’s office. For this reason, in any given year, the CCI may not be able to fill all poster requests.

The CCI manages campus course evaluations through the Course Evaluations & Surveys (CES) platform.  Complete information on evals can be found on the Course Evaluations webpage on the Provost & Academic Affairs website.  For training tutorials, please visit the CES section of Tech Tools and contact the CCI for support and training questions.

Using Power Automate and other M365 tools, paper processes (like forms and approvals) can now be converted into a completely digital, automated format.  Many campus offices and departments are starting to use Flows and you may soon receive an Approval email requiring you to take action.  Please watch Introducing Flow Approvals using Power Automate – 01:12 for info on how to process an Approval.

If your office or department needs to automate a process, please contact the CCI for assistance.  CCI staff will setup a project timeline if automating the process is determined to be feasible.  Also, the CCI is starting Flow training for campus staff that are willing to learn Flow basics.  Staff would be trained to modify existing CCI templates and trained to deploy them to automate processes in their department/area.  Although Flow is not hard, it does require focus and attention to detail.  If you are interested in supporting the campus by becoming a Flow Apprentice, please contact the CCI.

Whether you are looking for one-on-one, group, or departmental training, we can help. CCI staff are here to help you with Microsoft Office, Office 365, Brightspace, Outlook, and more. We can demonstrate how to use webcams, projectors, video cameras, smartboards, and podium computers. If we don’t know how to help you with a particular campus hardware or software technology, we’ll research the product and get back to you. In addition, we often can recommend alternate, campus-supported tools that will meet your needs.  Please contact the CCI to schedule training and don’t forget to check out the Events Calendar for upcoming CCI training.

Meeting Space

The CCI is located in Suite 106 on the 1st floor of the Lougheed Learning Commons (follow the center hall to the left of Minerva's Cafe). In addition to event space, the Center also provides access to several Commons rooms for CCI-sponsored events. Events include presentations, workshops, seminars, discussion panels, receptions, and retreats. The space is also available to faculty and staff for consultation with CCI staff or to tryout featured technology on display (e.g. touch-screen workstation; Apple TV/Roku for screencast).  You are welcome to stop by the CCI anytime.