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Temporary Accommodations
Students with temporary injuries, such as a broken leg/arm, concussion, or surgery recovery can register with and receive services through the Accommodative Services Offices on a temporary basis. If you would like more information about receiving temporary accommodations, please email

Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Accommodations

Long Term Accommodations
Students who wish to receive accommodations at SUNY Potsdam must register with the Accommodative Service Office. Current and incoming students can register at any time, but we encourage you to register as soon as possible.

New students incoming for the fall or spring semester can start the registration process by sending in documentation after they have paid their deposit. Please do not send documentation if you are unsure if you will be a student here. Students who sent documentation in with their application material must still send documentation to the Accommodative Service Office. Any materials that you submitted with your application to admissions does not get shared, therefore, you will still need to complete the registration process. Watch helpful video!

Check out the processes below.

  1. Submit documentation of a disability using our secure file upload.
  2. Accommodative Services will review your documentation.
    • If approved, we will reach out to your Potsdam email address with information on how to schedule an Intake Meeting.
    • If not approved, we will provide instructions for providing appropriate documentation.
  3. Schedule and attend your Intake Meeting.
    • During your meeting, you will meet with the Accommodative Services Director to discuss the documentation you submitted, barriers you experience in your academics, accommodations that would work best for you, and how to set up those accommodations. 
    • You are not considered fully registered with the office until after you've completed the Intake Meeting. Therefore, no accommodations can be sent to your professors without the completion on an intake meeting.
  4. Accommodation Plans will be emailed to the professors that you select. Plans will be sent within two days after your request.
  5. Meet with your professors
    • We recommend that you meet with your professor to discuss your accommodations either before or after class or preferably during office hours.
    • Be sure to specifically address exams and quizzes, and any assistive technology you will use in the classroom.
  6. Re-register each semester
    • In order to receive accommodations for following semesters you must re-register with accommodative services.
    • We will not send out any accommodation plans without your consent. This means letting us what classes you would like your accommodations in.
    • Let us know as soon as possible if you are struggling with an accommodation. That is the only way we will know if something is not working.

Students who have already registered for Accommodative Services can find more information HERE.


Contact us via email at if you have any questions.

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