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Guest Access To BearPAWS

BearPAWS Web for Proxy

Students may allow a Proxy, such as a parent, to access selected BearPAWS pages and/or contact designated campus offices.

Setting up Proxy Guest account(s):

  • The Student must log into
  • Click Web for Proxy tab
  • Click on Proxy Management
  • Click on Add Proxy
  • Fill in your Proxy Guest's information
  • Click on Expand Proxy to verify your Proxy Guest
  • Review FERPA information
  • Fill out the Proxy Guest Profile
  • Your Proxy Guest will need to verify the email and activate the PIN
  • Email Passphrase to your Proxy Guest, if you opted to give permission for your Proxy to contact designated campus offices by creating a Passphrase
  • Click on Authorization to authorize information to which your Proxy Guest may have access
  • You have successfully added your Proxy Guest!

Proxy Guest Login


  • Proxy Guest will receive email with link; click on the link, use the temporary password, and then create a new password

SUBSEQUENT/Regular Login:

Managing Proxy Guest Access

  • The Student must login to
  • Select Web for Proxy
  • Click on Proxy Management
  • To modify your Proxy Guest settings, click on Expand Proxy
    Here You Can:
    • Disable or extend your Proxy Guest access by changing the dates on Profile
    • Add or remove access to specific information under Authorization
    • Resend your verification email under Communication. Your Proxy will have another five days to verify his/her email when you resend your email.
    • And more!


If you have any questions, please contact