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Restart Plan: Get the details.

What would you like to do in Moodle? Select Moodle FAQ below for help (“self-enroll” to enter Moodle site).

Learn how to use Teams for quick communication and meetings.

Also watch Change System Preferences for Teams on a Mac.

How Do I...

Use this site to help you find tools to accomplish a specific action or activity (e.g. How do I schedule an online meeting?).  Each section will have a list of “How do I…” questions followed by answers that list the tools you should consider using.  This will help you recreate something you’ve been doing in the classroom to a remote format. The page is organized by broad classroom activity (lecture, discussion, etc.)  Use the Tech Tools page for information (videos and resource links) on each specific tool listed in the answer column.

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Special Reminder: All faculty/staff are required to maintain their schedule and availability within Outlook (approved by President’s Council).