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Severe Weather

Potsdam sometimes experiences severe weather conditions, most notably during the winter months, when heavy snowfall and icy roads can be a safety concern. To check the weather in our area, visit the Weather Resources Webpage.

In general, as a residential campus, SUNY Potsdam tries to maintain classes and services as fully operational as possible.

Members of the campus community should always assume that scheduled classes and events are continuing, unless you hear otherwise. View our Severe Weather Policy Webpage.

SUNY Potsdam uses Rave Alert Text Messages, emails, posts to our website and social media, as well as media announcements, to communicate about class cancellations. For more information, visit the Class Cancellation Information Webpage.

Here are some important things to keep in mind:

  • Take your time: Take extra caution on snowy or icy roads and sidewalks. Give yourself extra time, going slowly on slippery surfaces or in low visibility conditions. Before driving, warm up your car and clear all the snow from your vehicle.
  • Trust your judgment: People traveling from off campus should use their best judgment to decide whether it is safe to be on the road.
    • Commuter students should consult with their professors, to make arrangements for any absences.
    • Employees who choose to stay home must use accruals and check in with their supervisors.
    • Faculty members who wish to cancel their own classes due to weather should inform students following the same procedure they use if they are ill.
  • Be prepared: Bundle up - layers are best! Don't forget about good winter footwear, hats and gloves or mittens on long walks to and from campus. Make sure your car doesn't get too low on fuel, and always keep an extra snow brush and a blanket in the trunk of your vehicle.

Classes will proceed as scheduled unless official announcements are made. When classes are cancelled, faculty and commuting students are advised not to come to campus.

Campus officials try to decide by 6 a.m. about cancelling morning classes or all classes, and by noon for cancelling afternoon or evening classes.

The announcement process can take up to an hour to reach all communication channels, and there can sometimes be technical issues, so the campus community is encouraged to check multiple information sources when there is severe weather.