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The Crane School of Music was founded in 1886 by Julia Etta Crane (1855-1923) as the Crane Institute of Music, and was one of the first institutions in the country to have programs dedicated to preparing specialists in teaching music in the public schools.

“Is there any one thing more universally demanded by mankind than music? Nothing brings greater return in real understanding and development, for the time spent, than music.”

Julia Etta Crane (1855-1923) Founder, The Crane School of Music

Throughout Crane's history, the School's primary mission has been to educate music teachers with an emphasis on excellence in performance. At Crane, learning to be a teacher does not exclude or limit music performance, but uses excellence in performance as the foundation on which teaching is based. Over the years, Crane’s mission has expanded to include degrees in performance, music business, composition, theory and history, as well as programs in jazz studies, music technology, musical theatre, music in special education and piano pedagogy. Crane is proud to have many of the finest music educators, scholars and performers in the United States among its faculty and alumni.

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