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Potsdam Prepared: Fall 2021 Updates

Crane Keyboard Placement Exam

How many keyboard classes may I try to place out of?

Incoming freshmen may attempt to place out of Keyboard Skills I (MUCB 101). Additional placement options may be discussed at the initial appointment.

Transfer students may attempt to place out of all but the final Functional Keyboard course in their sequence.

What should I do to get ready?

Incoming freshmen: to prepare for this exam, click on Keyboard Skills I below to view the list of required skills for that level. Skills for each level must be mastered and correct fingering must always be used.

Transfer students: each class must be tested out of individually. To prepare for each exam, click on the links below to view the list of required skills for each level. Skills must be mastered and correct fingering must always be used.

When can I attempt to test out of one or more Crane keyboard classes?

Exams take place the day before classes begin each semester.

How do I schedule my exam?

The Crane Keyboard Coordinator schedules all placement exam appointments via email. Appointments will be made by the coordinator before the start of each semester.

Who do I contact if I have additional questions?

You may contact Heather Wheeler, Crane Keyboard Coordinator via email ( or telephone (315) 267-3192. Please note that the Keyboard Coordinator may be out of the office for extended periods during summer and winter breaks, and email will be checked intermittently.

Placement Exam Requirements for Crane Keyboard Classes

Note: for best results, open and print these files using a PDF viewer such as Adobe Reader.

Keyboard Skills I (freshman year, first semester)

Keyboard Skills II (freshman year, second semester)

Functional KeyboardI I, choral/general track (sophomore year, first semester)

Functional Keyboard I, band/orchestra track (sophomore year, first semester)

Functional Keyboard II, choral/general track (sophomore year, second semester)

Functional Keyboard III, choral track (junior year, first semester)

Keyboard Credit by Exam

Students who have already been placed in the keyboard skills sequence and who wish to apply for credit by examination for a keyboard skills course must first contact the Keyboard Coordinator. These students must prepare and perform a brief preliminary exam of materials to be learned quickly (24-hour quick study exam). The quick study exam will be heard by a jury of no less than two people; all faculty in the area will be informed and invited. All quick study exams must take place during the spring or fall semesters. The last day to request a quick study exam is by the end of the business day on Monday of week 14 of classes.

Those students who pass the quick study exam will be granted permission to attempt credit by examination at the beginning of the following academic semester.  The individual portion of the credit by examination test will take place on the day before classes begin; the group portion will take place in front of an existing section of keyboard skills during the first week of classes.

Students are allowed only one credit by exam attempt per course. Each skill performed must earn a passing grade (75) and students must earn an overall grade of a 92 or above (A) in order to earn credit by exam.