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Central Printing

New Online Order System

Register at Once registered, you can place all of your requests for proofs and printing in this portal. Please attach your artwork files in the order system. PDFs are the preferred file format.

Ordering Basics

Copy jobs

To send a copy job on-line fill out an order form, attach the original pdf file and submit.

  • Lab manuals have to be cleared by and sold through the bookstore. They cannot be sold in the classroom.

Turnaround time

Tests are 1 day, normal copy jobs need 2-3 days notice, and lab manuals will vary depending on Central Printing's current workload. Do not put "ASAP" as the date the item is due; put the due date for the item.

Submitting an Electronic Order/Document

  • Word and Excel documents need to be sent to Central Printing as PDFs
  • Office 2007 has an option to create PDFs.If you are having problems using it, you can contact the Help Desk.

Jobs done on the Press

These jobs need to be created in InDesign or in Publisher (preferably InDesign).

  • Please contact Central Printing at before you create a press job. We are here to assist you with the best format to submit your project and to work out a realistic timeframe to complete your project in a timely manner.
  • Pre-flight packages on Helios take approximately 10 working days from when the proof is approved.

Wide-Format Work

We can create Posters and Banners ranging in size from 24", 36", 44" and 60" wide up to 20 foot long. Using either Semi-Gloss Photo Paper, Tyvck and Vinyl with or without grommets for interior or exterior use. We also have Enhance Matte Board in 24" x 30" or 30" x 40"

All time lines are guides only, intended to speed the production of your work through Central Printing Services. These guides are adjustable to meet your needs and the demands of the College Community as a whole.