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Mail Services & Storehouse


  • Student Union Mailroom: (315) 267-2730
  • Administrative Mail Services: (315) 267-2186

Inter-campus Mail

  • To save money and the environment, the school re-uses envelopes for inter-campus mail as often as possible. Cross out the original address with a black marker and write the adressee's name and location or you can use a label. All off campus mail and mail to students should go in a new envelope.
  • For a limited time, Central Printing has free manila envelopes available for inter-campus use only. They have the SUNY Potsdam logo printed in black. They cannot be used for mail going off campus.
  • The mailroom does not have a list of where employees are located. Inter-campus mail requires the addressee's name, building, and room number on it. Inter-campus mail (including to student's Barrington Address) does not require the city, state and zip code.

Sorting Mail

  • Department mail should be sorted for when the mailroom picks it up. Off-campus mail should be separated and rubber-banded in groups (one group that needs postage, one group that already has postage). On-campus mail should also be rubber-banded together.
  • Mail does not need to be sealed unless it contains sensitive material because the mailroom can seal it for you. Some examples of sensitive materials are college acceptance/declination materials, hiring decisions and grade information.