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Contact: email or call (315) 267-4444, x4444 on campus. For fastest service, you can create or view your existing service ticket(s) with Request Tracker.

Location: 103 Stillman Hall.

Hours of Operation:
Mon-Fri 8:00am - 4:30pm
Mon-Fri 8:00am - 4:00pm (Summer, Winterim, and when classes are not in session.)

Closed on legal holidays unless classes are in session.

Support: The CTS Helpdesk provides direct support for all Faculty and Staff desktops, printers, and peripherals on campus as well as account support services.

CTS Point of Contact: The CTS Helpdesk is the point of contact for all other divisions of CTS (AIS, HNS, Labs, NIM, and TelCom). Please be advised that Helpdesk staff do not always perform the actual work of these units, as such we are unable to give time estimates for work done by these areas. Issues for these groups will be placed in Request Tracker and assigned to the appropriate group. We are happy to escalate any time-critical issues to the area supervisor for these units for you, however.

Walk-ins: For complex technical issues we make every effort is made to get you up, running, on your way, however depending on work load/call volume you may be asked to leave your computer with us, or a ticket will be put into our tracking system and an appointment made with you for service. We thank you in advance for your patience.

Application Support: Helpdesk staff are not "Application Specialists." We are here to make sure that your software is installed properly and functioning. While we attempt to assist in basic usage questions, however please be aware we have neither the staff nor the resources to be experts on the hundreds of applications that are used across campus. Faculty/Staff needing application training should see if the CCI has support for the application you are using or you should seek professional training classes externally. Students should visit one of the many student support services for help or request more specific instruction from the Professor requiring the use of the software with which they need assistance.

Personally Owned Equipment: CTS does not support personally owned equipment or software (even if the software is installed on College owned equipment.)


Don Burgoyne, Technology Support Professional, x2975, email:
Nate Chapman, Technology Support Professional, x2359, email:
Steve Major, Helpdesk Manager/Technology Support Professional, x3324, email: