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Wireless Networking (SUNY_W@SP)

Wireless at SUNY Potsdam (SUNY_W@SP) is a standard implementation of wireless networking.


Where is it available?
Most all areas of the Academic side of campus as well as Maxcy Hall is covered. Note: Residence Halls and Town Houses are covered by a separate network maintained by Apogee called MyResNet.

How do I get connected?
If this is your first time on SUNY Potsdam's Wireless Network, you will need to register for access. If you aren't asked to register upon connecting to our wireless, simply open your web browser to be presented with the registration page. You may register using your Campus Computer Account or as a guest user by providing a personal Email address. You will only need to do this once as long as you are in the database, however the database periodically is reset. Guest user accounts reset after 5 days. 

What can I do while on the wireless network?
Guest access to SUNY_W@SP is restricted to web-browsing, e-mail, and VPN traffic. When authenticated with a Campus Computer Account (CCA), or using a campus owned computer, you have the same level of access to campus and Internet services as you would if logged into the wired network. This includes access to e-mail, network storage, the web, instant messaging, etc. As always, you are bound by the Acceptable Use Policy.

Is this secure?
Security is of higher concern on a wireless network because data traffic is passing over radio waves. This means it is more susceptible to eavesdropping. For this reason, CTS encourages all users of the wireless network to set up VPN connection. Please visit the VPN site for more details.

Airspace Policy
In order for SUNY Potsdam's wireless network to operate at the highest level, management of the campus airspace is a necessity. As such, CTS has an Airspace Policy in effect to help manage interference problems from other wireless devices.

I have further questions or something that isn't addressed in this FAQ
If you have questions or problems, please contact the IT Service Desk at x4444 or email for assistance in these locations.