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Important FAQs About Your New Computer (Mac)

Outlook: Microsoft Outlook is the default E-mail/Calendar program of SUNY Potsdam for all new computers. While using this client app is just fine, we highly recommend that you look at using the web version of Office 365.  It is always up-to-date with the latest features and looks and acts the same on Mac, Windows or any other device with a web browser.

Software Updates: From time to time when you start your Mac, or come back to it after it has been left on, a Window maybe displayed talking about software updates. We use a Managed Software Center for updates which installs available updates silently in the background.  Should it require your attention it then displays these updates and asks for your permission to install them. In all cases you would want to allow this. Follow the instructions in screen to do so. You may also call the IT Service Desk at x4444 if you have questions about any of these updates.

Web Browsers: To maintain a campus standard with Windows counterparts, the Mac also makes use of Microsoft Edge as your default web browser. Edge is web browser that uses the same underlying technology as Chrome, but works with your campus computer account when you login.  If you do this you'll have access to your bookmarks, history and other browser items across computers on campus whether they are Windows or Mac.  These items would also be available to you on a home computer, tablet or phone should you decide to install Edge on it.  Due to compatibility issues and the inability for CTS to save your bookmarks during data transfers, we do not recommend or support using Safari.

Virus Software: We've installed Sophos for macOS on your new computer. Among obvious virus detection abilities, it's very automated: once an hour, in the background and completely unobtrusive to you or your work, your computer will contact our antivirus server and check for new virus definitions and automatically download, update, and install them. The computer will automatically scan for virus while you work. Manual scanning for viruses is not necessary and you will only be alerted if there is a virus found.

Windows on Macs: Please see our Windows on Intel Mac Policy for more information. Please do not attempt to install any non-Apple operating system on your computer. CTS will not provide support for any OS that we do not install.