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General Information

  • Occurrence: There is no formal computer replacement on campus, rather the lifecycle of a computer depends on the model's support status with the vendor (availability for service/parts) as well as it's ability to run a supported operating system. Once one or both of these items cannot be met, the computer will need to be replaced and CTS will advise you of your options at this time. Considerations are made for software/hardware that require specific recommendations as well.
  • Technology: Campus policy is a single computer per person.


  • Where are the current specifications for new computers and how do I know if my computer is still supported?
    You'll find the latest specifications on the main Hardware/Software Support page.
  • I have a new person starting, will a computer be provided?
    Contact the IT Service Desk or put in a ticket. A "trickledown" computer should be available from the IT Service Desk if funding is unavailable.
  • What happens to my old computer after you replace it? May I keep it?
    Replaced computers are reclaimed, evaluated for the metrics noted above, and redeployed to areas of need. Given the large number of unfunded computer stations across campus, keeping your old computer is not possible at this time. In addition, the College has a general policy of one computer per person as noted above.
  • Do you transfer my documents/data to my new computer? What happens to the information if something is missed?
    Yes, we do transfer as much of your information as possible. Further, we hold onto an image of your old computer's profile for a period of 6 months in a secure location. After that time, the old is  securely erased.
  • Do you transfer my programs to my new computer?
    Programs that you have installed yourself and not provided by CTS cannot be copied, they must be installed from the original media or installed from a downloaded installer. If you would like us to reinstall any special software, please leave it with your computer at the time of lifecycle in your area with a note indicating so.
  • Can run Windows on my Mac? I want a dual-boot system!
    Please see our Windows on macOS Policy for more information. Be aware that newer Macs cannot run Windows in a dual-boot configuration. A couple of software items must be purchased by your department totaling about $100 to run Windows in a virtual machine. Please also note that while you will have "Windows" this way, CTS configures your Mac side as your "standard" computer - e.g. email, Office, Firefox are assumed to be run on the Mac side as your primary operating system. We must have written justification for why Windows is needed and why you are selecting a Mac if you need to run Windows programs. If you work requires constant use of a Windows only software program, you should not request a Mac and instead get a Windows PC for lifecycle.
  • The specs between Macs and PCs differ, one has a larger hard drive and/or RAM than the other! You're bias towards a particular platform!
    Not true. We cannot control what vendors decide their minimum specs are. We try to fairly spend the same amount of money for the base price on each computer and match configurations as closely as possible. Sometimes one or the other vendor chooses to include more RAM, a bigger hard drive, or more USB ports for the same price.