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AllSight (KeyServer) License Management

CTS has installed a software product called AllSight, formally KeyServer, on both Windows and macOS platforms.

  • It allows a small number of concurrent software licenses to be shared by the entire campus. It allows monitoring and launches of software so that only the licensed number of products are used concurrently. Because the programs that use it are a limited, shared resource, if you keep a program running, but your are not using it (idle) KeyServer will detect this and may ask you to close the application.
  • Software and usage. AllSight can track which software programs are in use and allow for inventory of them as campus assets.
  • Hardware asset management. AllSight is the campus' primary computing asset manager.  It inventories all Windows, Apple and ChromeBook assets.
  • Computer loan management. AllSight is used to manage all the various technology that is loaned to faculty, staff and students.  It will notifiy users of equipment pending return as well as overdue items.