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Managed Software Center service (MSC):

CTS has a self-service software installation application similar to the App Store which allows us to deploy new/updated software to your computer along with critical updates.  It also allows self-install software packages of campus owned software and other items.

How Managed Software Update works:

This system works just like the Apple App Store, but supplies our own SUNY Potsdam updates for purchased software along with many free and open source packages to enhance your computing experience. Software in the Managed Software Center has been vetted and approved for use on college owned computers. You are free to install it on your computer. It's main software panel shown below:


Software installed with this service will also receive updates and you will be notified as you would for other updates. There are mandatory and optional updates. Whenever possible, CTS recommends doing them both. For reference, the update panel looks like the below:


How Apple App Store items are Managed:

Occasionally you may receive notification that an application on your computer has an update available. When you attempt to update, it will ask you for the password for the Apple ID of "".  This means an App is available for update via Apple's App Store and you do not have access to the particular item because it is under the College's purchasing account.

Many of the common applications provided on SUNY Potsdam devices have shifted to distribution via the Apple App Store. This change has created challenges for us in terms of property management and distribution of software.

When you receive a college owned computer for your use, many of these apps will occasionally want you to update them to their latest version. The issue of ownership (called Program Adoption) comes into play because were you to sign-in and update them with your Apple ID those programs are then tied permanently to your personal account. There is no way for you to transfer ownership of those programs to SUNY Potsdam if you were to leave college service.

Since App Store purchases by a department are property of the College CTS uses the MSC to manage them. So, instead of looking for the update to the App in the Apple App Store, use the Managed Software Center instead.  If the campus already owns the package, it should be available to install with that method.

What if a particular update or software app solves an issue that is critical to work I need to do? Can it be added?

By all means, email with the name of the app that needs to be included. We can prioritize the distribution in our system.  If many people in a computing lab use a piece of software, we'd love to add it for you to make distribution and updates easier!

What about free System Updates and Apps that I have purchased personally?

Our system in no way prohibits macOS system updates, security updates, or Apps that you have personally purchased. Within the App Store, click "Updates". You can (and are encouraged to!) update any available software that does not ask for the account.