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Important FAQs About Your New Computer (Windows)

Outlook: Your new computer comes with the newest version of Microsoft Outlook. It has many advanced features and will be the default Windows Email/Calendar program of SUNY Potsdam for all new users. While the Outlook client app is just fine to use, we highly recommend using the on-line version of Office 365.  It always has the latest features and looks the same on any computer you have.

Microsoft Update: Windows is set to automatically install updates, however, from time to time you will see an icon in your system tray alerting you that updates are available to install. These updates occur often and are necessary to ensure that your computer is protected against new viruses and bug exploits. Double-click the icon to begin installing updates. Follow the on-screen instructions to install them. You may also email the IT Service Desk at if you have questions about any of these updates.

Web Browsers: Edge has been installed as your default web-browser.  Edge is the replacement for Internet Explorer and is based on the same technology as Chrome except that it works with your CCA and your Microsoft account.  If you login to Edge your bookmarks, history and other browser are available on any campus when you use one regardless if it is Mac or Windows.  The same items would be available on a personal computer, phone or tablet at home should you install Edge.

Virus Software: We've installed Sophos Enterprise. Your computer will contact our antivirus server and check for new virus definitions and automatically download, update, and install them. The computer will watch for incoming viruses while you work. Sophos is an "on demand" scanner that protects your computer while it accesses files.  Manually scanned for viruses is not necessary and can lead to false positives.