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Computing & Technology Services uses Request Tracker, commonly referred to as RT. This advanced tracking system allows CTS to monitor incoming requests for service and other CTS related activities.

Features Include

  • The ability to inform the "requestor" (person requesting service) of the status of their request.
  • As a web-based application, RT allows CTS staff the ability to enter and update service request tickets from any computer. You may also view the status of your tickets by visiting: and logging in with your CCA.
  • RT has an email interface providing CTS with the ability to communicate with the requestor or other concerned parties regarding status. This can be accomplished without direct access to the RT system itself.

Emails from the RT System

  • Each message comes with a header explaining the request and what, if anything, you need to do.
  • Once an initial service request ticket is created, an informational notice is sent. If more information is required, the "owner" (person responsible for resolving your request) may use the RT system to solicit it from you. Keep in mind that the ?owner? can change during the life of a ticket. An email will then be generated in which you should reply. These emails will be stored in the ticket concerning your request.
  • When your request has been fulfilled or your problem resolved, you will receive an email confirmation.
  • To ensure that no correspondence is lost or miscommunicated, you should always reply to emails you receive from the RT system leaving the "to" and "subject" fields intact. The person(s) assigned to your ticket will be notified automatically of the additional information.
  • Please do not report any new issues in a response to an open or resolved ticket. This will make it difficult to track the second request as it might be intended for another division within CTS. Always start a new request or ticket by using the request form (see below.)

Reporting Problems

Before reporting issues, see if the issue is known by visiting our Blog: You may monitor the Blog for progress updates and resolution.

Requests for service and/or problems with CTS supported equipment and services, should be made directly through our CTS Request Form which allows you to enter a trouble ticket in RT directly. Based on your issue it will be routed to the correct RT queue and the appropriate personnel notified.

Alternately, email and a ticket will be created for your issue and you will receive an automated response with your ticket number.

You can also make your request directly through the IT Service Desk at x4444, via email at or in person in Stillman Hall, Rm 103. The IT Service Desk staff will ensure that a RT ticket is created.