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2nd Concurrent Undergraduate Degree

Students working concurrently toward completion of two bachelor's degrees need to:

  • Submit an Application for a Concurrent Second Degree & Educational Plan (PDF) to the Registrar's Office before completing ninety (90) academic hours of classes. Please note that the Educational Plan for completion of the second degree program must be approved by the second degree advisor.
  • Have completed College requirements for both degrees by the end of the semester the degrees will be awarded. The two degrees must not be of the same type. For example, a B.A. and a B.S. would be appropriate, but two B.A. degrees would not, as the latter could be accomplished through the declaration of a second major.
  • Students must also meet the other general requirements of a 2nd bachelor's degree.

For questions regarding the process, requirements or application please contact Susan Daggett, Assistant Registrar.