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Audio/Visual Lifecycle Policy


Computing & Technology Services (CTS) has an audio/visual (A/V) lifecycle policy to ensure that all A/V installations on the SUNY Potsdam campus are sustainably maintained, kept technologically current and compliant.  This policy will be a living document and applies to all venues with A/V enhancements, with the exception of performance venues within The Crane School of Music and the Performing Arts Center.  Due to their special nature, these performance venues will be maintained by their respective departments under the advisement of CTS.   

Individual departments are not permitted to purchase any A/V enhancements for classrooms or other venues without the express written consent of CTS.  Such A/V equipment purchased by individual departments will be maintained by the department, through a service level agreement with CTS and is the financial responsibility of that department.  Any department failing to maintain its equipment in such an installation, shall coordinate with CTS to have said equipment removed or retired in place. 


A/V equipment will be updated on a 5 (five) year rotation.  All A/V equipment in each venue should be reviewed to ensure that is sufficiently operational, technologically current, as well as SUNY EIT and/or ADA compliant.  CTS reserves the right to restructure the schedule, as it sees fit, in order to maintain its equipment in the most efficient and sustainable manner possible.  CTS staff will perform installations and updates of equipment primarily during summer recess or throughout the semester(s) and breaks as time permits. 


Any equipment deemed to not meet one or more of the aforementioned criteria shall be removed from service or retired in place.  Any functioning equipment that is removed from service during a lifecycle rotation will be held in reserve for support of other venues, until all such venues with similar component(s) have been updated.  When the time is reached that there are no longer any venues with component(s) being held in reserve, those remaining component(s) will be disposed of via the Campus’ e-waste procedures.