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The first green wall-jack in every drop is activated data by default, to facilitate the norm, which is one ethernet-connected computing device.

In instances where there are 2 ethernet-connected computing devices, the second green jack will be activated for their use.

In instances where there are 3 computing devices, the white "phone" jack will be activated (unless a phone is already plugged into it).

If someone has more than 3 ethernet devices in their office, CTS may place a network hub near the data jacks to accommodate the extra devices but only until such time that permanent network drops can be run.

For each wall-jack activated there will be a cost between $10 and $20 charged to your department. This is to cover the cost of cables (both at the patch panel and user end). While most installs will be in this price range, it is possible the cost could be higher depending on parts and end user data cable length used. Classrooms are exempt from this charge.