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Care & Use of Tech Facilities

Care & Use Policies for CTS Technology Facilities

To protect equipment and physical space in all our technology facilities, as well as promote personal safety, CTS requests that the following rules be observed and enforced:

  • NO FOOD OR DRINKS ALLOWED: Food and drink cause severe damage to equipment and physical space. Replacement costs are a financial strain on the Student Technology Fee. Damaged furniture and stained carpets are unsightly and do not promote a positive image, particularly to prospective students and their parents. Carson 101 is hardest hit due to its close proximity to the Greenery.

  • DO NOT OPEN WINDOWS: Open windows invite theft and vandalism. The elements of weather can destroy equipment, window treatments and ruin physical space.

  • DO NOT TURN OFF AIR-CONDITIONERS: At no time should air-conditioners be turned off. Air-conditioning prevents the equipment from overheating and causing permanent damage. It can also be easily controlled to provide a comfortable physical environment.

  • TURN PROJECTORS OFF: Projector bulbs are extremely expensive to replace, typically costing $300-$400. Ensuring that projectors are turned off at the end of class will improve the life of the bulb and increase cost savings.

  • LOG OFF COMPUTERS: Please remind students to log off computers at the end of class. Walking away from a computer without signing off provides the next user access to personal information (Helios home directory, printing account, etc.)

  • CLOSE AND SECURE DOORS: To protect the facility and the equipment, please insure that doors are closed, locked and secured upon leaving. The cost to replace stolen or damaged equipment is an exorbitant expense to the Student Technology Fee. The installation of card access is expensive and serves no purpose if the door is not secured at the end of class.

  • TAPE AND TACKS PROHIBITED ON WALLS: The majority of our rooms are freshly painted and removing tape and/or tacks can cause wall damage. We take pride in our facilities and would like to promote a positive image to the campus community and to prospective students and their parents.


    University Police will not grant after hour access to students in any of our technology facilities.

    Facilities that normally remain open during regular business hours include Satterlee 300 and 325, as well as Flagg 162.

Surveillance Cameras

To discourage further thefts, surveillance cameras have been installed in the following areas:

  • Carson 101
  • Crane Midi Lab
  • Dunn 210
  • Flagg 162
  • Kellas 100B
  • Merritt 133 (Levitt Center)
  • Satterlee 104, 300 & 325

The eye of the camera will be directed at the entrance, recording traffic entering and leaving rooms. The surveillance cameras record video only and not audio. In the event that a theft does occur, University Police will be contacted and will be responsible for viewing the contents of the camera.

If you have any questions, please contact the IT Service Desk ( / x4444)