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PCS Numbers / Computer Decal

PCS Numbers/Computer Decal Numbers

All networked electronic devices connected to the SUNY Potsdam computer network require a unique identifying number. These devices commonly are desktop, laptop, and handheld computers, as well as printers. The unique Property Control System (PCS) number is used to accurately maintain campus property assets (as required by law) as well as by Computing Technologies Services (CTS) as a unique identifier to maintain the equipment.

All computers bought with monies originating from an IFR account, College Foundation and Research Foundation require a specific PCS ID tag with a unique number. The number (ID tag w/number) is fixed to the equipment when it arrives on campus.

If the equipment purchased with IFR Account money, College Foundation money or Research Foundation Money does not arrive on campus in receiving then you must contact Kathy Camp (ext. 2134) to document and affix an ID tag when it arrives on campus. CTS will need this PCS ID number prior to installation and allowing access to the campus network.

If you are a Campus Tenant or and organization that does not use these monetary sources and want to use the campus network you will need to contact the IT Service Desk at x4444 to have assigned and affixed to your equipment a unique tag with an identifying number.

Examples of each of these decals can be viewed by clicking this link.

If you have any other questions please contact the IT Service Desk at x4444 or email