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Potsdam Prepared: Spring 2022 Updates

Some macOS computers featuring the Intel processor have the ability to run both Windows and Mac OS X by "dual-booting". However, Apple is phasing out processors that are able to do this in the coming years.

At this time Computing & Technology Services policy on this technology is as follows:

The software Apple has released is called BootCamp. Currently CTS does not support this on Faculty/Staff computers.

Software to run Windows "inside" the macOS is available. One advantage is that you can run both the macOS and Windows at the same time and not have to restart your computer to select one or the other. Unlike previous emulators, it suffers from almost no performance problems.

Faculty/Staff wishing to run Windows with their college owned Intel Macs need to contact the CTS Helpdesk with justification for their request and provide an account number for a software bundle recharge for the Microsoft licenses if their request is approved.

CTS maintains an OS image configured exactly the way standard Windows PCs are managed on campus. Macs running Windows are beholden to all existing policies and procedures as "regular" Windows computers on campus.

Please note: the intended use-case for Windows on the Mac is to run the occasional Windows-only program on the Mac. If you spend all your time in Windows, this is not a solution for you. Instead, you should have a "real" Windows-based computer.

Email the IT Service Desk at for more information.