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On January 14, 2020 Microsoft will end support for Windows 7. CTS has migrated most campus computers to newer operating systems and will de-support Windows 7 on this date as well. Any remaining Windows 7 machines located will be updated to a newer operating system.

There are many legacy pieces of scientific equipment that still require to Windows 7 to operate and due to the extreme cost of this equipment cannot be upgraded reasonably in the sort term.

CTS will provide limited support for those Windows 7 machines going forward as defined below:

  1. Network Access: These machines will no longer be physically connected to the SUNY Potsdam network and will have physical network locking devices supplied by CTS attached to their LAN port. In the event they are somehow accidentally connected, these machines will also be blacklisted at the network layer from communication on the LAN.
  2. Replacements: CTS will supply replacement "trickledown" computers on an as-needed basis with a larger monitor if available. The IT Service Desk will develop a universal Windows 7 image for these, ensure that all drivers for the machine are properly loaded, and include the last version of Microsoft Office that Windows 7 supports. It will be up to the sciences department to install, configure, test and work with the vendor of the software/hardware for the instrument.
  3. Data: Responsibility for data on these machines rests solely with the department making use of them. CTS will not data transfer or recover data from a "crashed", "broken", infected, or to be replaced computer/device. Since the backup of critical data is computing best practices, this shouldn't be an issue.
  4. Viruses/Infection: In the event that a machine becomes compromised, CTS will re-image the unit and may, depending on age/support level, replace it at our discretion as defined in "Replacements" above. We would highly recommend any device used to move data off one of these units be scanned on a current campus machine to be safe.

All of the conditions above assume that every avenue to update to a current operating system/hardware/device software have failed and purchasing updates is financially impossible to do with current funding. Departments that fall under this exemption are urged to expedite their internal processes for replacement equipment.

Email the IT Service Desk at for more information.