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Alumni Spotlight

Our graduates have gone on to some pretty special careers.

They have the tales to tell and the wisdom to share about what makes this institution of higher learning so remarkable in so many ways. There are thousands of teachers, doctors, lawyers, engineers and artists who call SUNY Potsdam their alma mater.

David Vroman '83 & '91

When he’s not running up and down the basketball court as a referee, SUNY Potsdam alumnus David Vroman ’91 is busy teaching his sixth-grade earth science students about everything from the plate tectonics to astronomy... read more.



James Dornemann '99

James W. Dornemann ’99 thinks of himself as a problem solver at heart. As a light board operator for film and television, he is constantly tinkering and must keep up with the latest in technology to make sure that directors can get the shot they are looking for... read more.



Katelyn Legacy '16

In high school, Katelyn Legacy ’16 wanted nothing to do with history, but that all changed when she arrived at SUNY Potsdam her freshman year... read more.



Randolph Mitchell '77

Since 2009, Mitchell has been working as the forensic odonatologist for the Monroe County (N.Y.) Medical Examiner's Office, where, much as in a scene from "CSI: Miami," he is called in to determine a deceased person's identity through dental and X-ray examinations... read more.



Melissa Wegner '03

Originally from Orchard Park, N.Y. and now living and working in New York City as Associate Director of the Metropolitan Opera National Council Auditions, Melissa Wegner answers questions about her experiences at SUNY Potsdam and her interest in opera... read more.